Pressed Flower Artwork Handicraft

Pressed Flower Artwork, Korean Handicraft

The pressed flowers artwork is made of special fresh flowers in Korea through technical treatment by dehydrating and color maintaining, then the designer will make artistic creation according to these materials.
It is completely made by hand, reflecting the painting art by flower materials, realizing the perfect combination of nature and art, endowing the flower with permanent life, and giving the people elegant enjoyment.
The modern artists rearrange these materials, make it into beautiful pictures, and then put it in frame to make it acceptable for more people, meeting their desire to return to nature in a way where most space is saved.
That is pressed flower artwork, which is becoming the favor for interior decoration.
There are different types of pressed flower artwork, mainly including preserved flower decorative picture, heavy color picture, landscape picture, cartoon picture, pressed flower picture for wedding photos, ikebana picture, and other pressed flower artwork for photos.

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