Iconic Pattern Pencil Pouch_Zip Around Organizer Multi Pen Cosmetic Case Pocket

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Iconic-Pattern Pencil Pouch
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Iconic Pattern Pencil Pouch_Zip Around Multi Pen Case Pocket

- Size : 8.07 x 4.33 x 0.87 inches (205 x 110 x 22 mm)
- Material : PVC, Cotton, Nylon
- Composition : 2 mesh pockets, 2 pockets
- You can also use it as bankbook pouch and passport pouch
- Color : Brown, Deep Blue, Pink, Retro Orange, Sky Blue

Iconic-Pattern-Pencil-Pouch_Zip-Around-Organizer-Multi-Pen-Cosmetic-Case-Pocket-s1 Iconic-Pattern-Pencil-Pouch_Zip-Around-Organizer-Multi-Pen-Cosmetic-Case-Pocket-s2 Iconic-Pattern-Pencil-Pouch_Zip-Around-Organizer-Multi-Pen-Cosmetic-Case-Pocket-s3 Iconic-Pattern-Pencil-Pouch_Zip-Around-Organizer-Multi-Pen-Cosmetic-Case-Pocket-s4 Iconic-Pattern-Pencil-Pouch_Zip-Around-Organizer-Multi-Pen-Cosmetic-Case-Pocket-s5 Iconic-Pattern-Pencil-Pouch_Zip-Around-Organizer-Multi-Pen-Cosmetic-Case-Pocket-s6

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