Monopoly No Skimming/Hacking e-Passport Case Cover V.3_3M RFID Blocking

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Monopoly-Mini Journey V.3

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Monopoly No Skimming e-Passport Case Cover V.3

- Size : 4.53 x 5.90 inches (115 x 150 mm)
- Material : Synthetic Leather, 3M RFID Shielding Film
- Composition : 2 Pockets, 2 Credit Card Slots
- The RFID Blocking passport case designed to secure RFID enabled
e-passports and data cards from unwanted data skimming.
- NOT including Pens & Others
- Color Variations : Mustard, Orange Pink, Hot Pink, Red, Blue, Navy

Monopoly-Mini-Journey-No-Skimming-Passport-Case-V3-Best-Korea-Products-s1 Monopoly-Mini-Journey-No-Skimming-Passport-Case-V3-Best-Korea-Products-s2 Monopoly-Mini-Journey-No-Skimming-Passport-Case-V3-Best-Korea-Products-s3 Monopoly-Mini-Journey-No-Skimming-Passport-Case-V3-Best-Korea-Products-s4 Monopoly-Mini-Journey-No-Skimming-Passport-Case-V3-Best-Korea-Products-s5 Monopoly-Mini-Journey-No-Skimming-Passport-Case-V3-Best-Korea-Products-s6

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