Monopoly Wise Traveler Cross Shoulder Bag_Water Resistant Travel Wallet Organizer

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Monopoly-Wise Traveler Cross Bag

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Monopoly Wise Traveler Cross Shoulder Bag Organizer

- Size : 10.63 x 5.90 x 2.16 inches (270 x 150 x 55 mm)
- Material : Nylon, Ripstop, Mesh
- Color : Ash Gray, Cocoa Brown, Blush Pink, Indigo Navy
- Composition : 2 Zip Compartments, Outside Zip Pocket
- This Travel cross bag boasts Two storage main compartments,
including Credit Card Slots, Mesh Pocket for easy access and security.
- The shoulder strap is adjustable.

Monopoly-Wise-Travel-Cross-Shoulder-Bag_Water-Resistant-Wallet-Organizer-Best-Korea-s1 Monopoly-Wise-Travel-Cross-Shoulder-Bag_Water-Resistant-Wallet-Organizer-Best-Korea-s2 Monopoly-Wise-Travel-Cross-Shoulder-Bag_Water-Resistant-Wallet-Organizer-Best-Korea-s3 Monopoly-Wise-Travel-Cross-Shoulder-Bag_Water-Resistant-Wallet-Organizer-Best-Korea-s4 Monopoly-Wise-Travel-Cross-Shoulder-Bag_Water-Resistant-Wallet-Organizer-Best-Korea-s5 Monopoly-Wise-Travel-Cross-Shoulder-Bag_Water-Resistant-Wallet-Organizer-Best-Korea-s6 Monopoly-Wise-Travel-Cross-Shoulder-Bag_Water-Resistant-Wallet-Organizer-Best-Korea-s7

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