Travelus Handy V.3 _Passport/Money/Card /Document Holder Wallet Organizer Pouch Bag

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Full-Travelus Handy V.3

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Travelus Handy Wallet Passport Pocket Travel Pouch Bag V.3

- Size : 5.90 x 10.00 x 1.10 inches (150 x 254 x 28 mm)
- Material : Poly (Waterproof particularly for living)
- Variations : Pink, Orange, Green, Blue, Gray, Navy
- Includes : 1 Travelus Handy Pouch Only
- Zip-around protective case keeps valuables safe and secure while traveling
- One outside pocket ideal for bills, passport and boarding pass

FULL-Travelus-Handy-Pouch-V3-Travel-Wallet-Passport-Pocket-Bag-s1 FULL-Travelus-Handy-Pouch-V3-Travel-Wallet-Passport-Pocket-Bag-s2 FULL-Travelus-Handy-Pouch-V3-Travel-Wallet-Passport-Pocket-Bag-s3 FULL-Travelus-Handy-Pouch-V3-Travel-Wallet-Passport-Pocket-Bag-s4 FULL-Travelus-Handy-Pouch-V3-Travel-Wallet-Passport-Pocket-Bag-s5 FULL-Travelus-Handy-Pouch-V3-Travel-Wallet-Passport-Pocket-Bag-s6

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